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NY Toy Fair: Nerf brings Mega, Fortnite, Halo, others

Story by Danny Ryerson

To say that Toy Fair is an eventful week for the hobby is an understatement at the very least. Loads of new blaster announcements means lots of news, so we’ve dedicated this article to going over all of Nerf’s first-party reveals thus far at the 2020 New York Toy Fair and a few beyond it.

The Mega Motostryke display at Toy Fair with included 10-round magazine. (photo courtesy of BlasterHub)

First on the list is the Mega Motostryke. This blaster was first leaked on Jan. 9 by /u/UtterTravesty alongside the Rival Finisher, a few Fortnite Microshots and the then-codenamed Overwatch Tracer blaster. After Toy Fair, however, much more about the Motostryke has been revealed.

The Nerf Rival Finisher in packaging. The included seven-round magazine can be topped up on the fly via a port on its side. (photo courtesy of Hasbro, Inc.)

The Motostryke is the first flywheeler in the Mega series since the Mastodon in 2016 and the first mag-fed blaster since 2013’s Centurion. It’s semi-automatic and runs on four C batteries, according to BlasterHub, and features a 10-round stick magazine. The magazine is confirmed to be cross- compatible with the six-round Centurion mags and the three- and 12-round Buzz Bee mags. The Motostryke will retail for $39.99 in fall 2020.

Next up is the Rival Finisher. The Finisher is a top-prime magazine-fed pistol that comes with a unique seven-round magazine which can be topped up on the fly by pulling down on the follower, similarly to the X-Shot Meteor. This magazine will fit in any blaster compatible with seven-round mags, but won’t work in blasters like the Zeus. The Finisher will release fall 2020 at $14.99.

Official Nerf image of the Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder and included darts. The Ghoulgrinder fires from a rotating pan magazine. (photo courtesy of Hasbro, Inc.)

The last of Nerf’s non-licensed offerings is the Ghoulgrinder, a Zombie Strike blaster that has the distinction of being the first-ever blaster to fire from a pan magazine. The pan holds 10 darts and rotates when the bolt on the left side of the blaster is primed, with space for eight darts on the blaster. It features both a barrel and stock point and includes a removable stock. The Ghoulgrinder will cost $29.99 when it releases alongside the Finisher and Motostryke in fall 2020.

The new Nerf Halo blasters shown at Toy Fair. Top: the MA40, a semi-automatic flywheeler. Bottom left: the SPNKr Microshot. The SPNKr does not have a smart AR like the Scravenger stock blaster; the extra tube is just dart storage. Bottom right: the Needler Microshot. (photos courtesy of Hasbro, Inc.)

Now that that’s out of the way, Hasbro is firing on all cylinders when it comes to licensed blasters this Toy Fair. Details on three Halo blasters — the MA40 and two Microshots — were covered by GameSpot on Feb. 19, but it’s only at Toy Fair that the community was able to get their hands on them.

The MA40 is a replica of the assault rifle that will be featured in Halo: Infinite, and includes a code for an in-game skin that’s the same color scheme as the Nerf version. Some in the community speculated that it might feature select-fire after images surfaced of a selector switch on the blaster’s right side, but the MA40 is semi-automatic, and the switch is just shell detailing.

According to BlasterHub, the MA40 uses a Rayven-esque mechanical pusher and runs on C batteries. It includes a stylized 10-round magazine, but due to extra plastic around the magazine well, the MA40 will not be compatible with drum magazines.

The other two Halo offerings are standard Microshot fare, modeled after the Needler and SPNKr rocket launcher, respectively. Despite having two barrels, the SPNKr only fires from one; the second is dart storage. The MA40 will cost $49.99, and both of the Microshots will go for $9.99 each when all three release in October 2020.

Toy Fair also brought with it a bevy of Fortnite releases, while a Hasbro Pulse leak last Saturday showed three new blasters that weren’t seen in New York.

Buffdaddy grins as he tests out the Nerf Fortnite GL. “[It’s] exactly the sort of thing I would want, regardless of how practical it actually is,” he wrote. (photo courtesy of BlasterHub)

The first of the Fortnite blasters is the GL, a six-shot revolving HAMP that fires Demolisher missiles. Concept art of the GL with a four-shot drum was leaked last Saturday by @eazyy_k_wrld and @js_nerf_99 on Instagram. The GL rotates when the pump grip is pushed forward and fires when it slams back; it has no trigger and functions much like a Demolisher missile launcher. It will cost $59.99 when it releases on Aug. 1, 2020.

Left: The BASR-L, SR, and SMG-E on display at Toy Fair. Right: The SR’s four barrels. The SR uses a smart AR system and has no revolving cylinder. (photos courtesy of BuffdaddyNerf/BlasterHub)

Another of the blasters leaked on Instagram is the BASR-L, which is based off of the sniper rifle from the game. The BASR-L is a bolt-action mag-fed blaster that includes a removable scope and six-round magazine. Its bolt is ambidextrous, much like a Tri-Strike or a Longshot. The BASR-L was confirmed in a press release to cost $39.99 and will be available for purchase starting June 1, 2020.

The final new Fortnite blaster featured at Toy Fair was the SR. The SR is a hammer-primed four-shot smart AR pistol stylized to look like the scoped revolver in the game, but does not feature a cylinder or any rotation mechanism; it appears similar in function to a Doomlands Persuader with an additional scope. The SR release in the fall of 2020 at $19.99.

The three new “Rippley” recolors featured at Toyfair. From top: AR-Rippley, SP-Rippley, RL-Rippley. Clear blue plastic makes the blasters’ internals visible. (photo courtesy of BlasterHub)

Also featured at Toy Fair were three repaints of existing Fortnite blasters. The AR, RL and SP were all featured with a new “Rippley” color scheme based on the skins in Fortnite, which translates to translucent dark blue plastic painted on the ends with turquoise. These blasters will cost $49.99, $29.99 and $19.99 respectively, with a release date of “fall 2020” listed in the Hasbro press release.

That’s all for Nerf at Toy Fair this year, but we haven’t even come close to covering every blaster that debuted there. Check out our coverage of non-Nerf blasters for info on new offerings from Dart Zone, Zuru, D-Dart and Buzz Bee.

Credit: https://nerf.fandom.com/wiki/Mega_Mastodon









NY Toy Fair: Previews from Dart Zone, Zuru, Buzz Bee, D-Dart

Story by Danny Ryerson

Nerf’s Toy Fair 2020 was a veritable casserole of new blasters, from the new licensed Halo series to some interesting offerings in nearly all of Hasbro’s flagship blaster lines. But what about the other guys? Let’s dive into the blaster previews from everyone who isn’t Nerf this Toy Fair.

Left: Drac demonstrates the Dart Zone Pro MK-1.1 at Toy Fair. Right: A render of the DZP MK-1.1. The DZP MK-1.1 was released Feb. 23 on Target.com. (photos courtesy of LordDraconical and Dart Zone)

Dart Zone is first up, and while they didn’t have much variety this year, the crown jewel of their Toy Fair was the Dart Zone Pro 1.1. The DZP 1.1 is a limited re-release of the original DZP in cherry red exclusive to Target.com, although it comes with fewer darts than the original and costs $149.99. 

Some users on Reddit and Discord allegedly were already able to order a DZP 1.1 when it was released on Feb. 23, but the Target.com page shows the blaster as currently sold out.

Foam From Above shows off the spinning barrel of the X-Shot Crusher. “Very cool,” F2A commented. (photo courtesy of Foam From Above).

Zuru was in a similar boat to Dart Zone, with one new release and two re-skins on display. The new blaster was the X-Shot Crusher, a slam-fire springer with “heavy gunner” ergonomics reminiscent of the Prometheus or Elite Titan. The Crusher feeds from a 35-dart chain and primes from its carry handle with a cosmetic barrel that spins on prime. 

Compared to many other “heavy gunner” blasters, the Crusher is much less expensive at $25 USD, according to LordDraconical, and will be released “sometime in 2020.”

Comparing the new gold-plated X-Shot Meteor and Orbit to the fully gold versions sent to various influencers in October. Left: Drac shows off the new blue-and-gold color scheme. Right: Both of the original gold colors. (photos courtesy of LordDraconical and WalcomS7)

Also on the X-Shot table were repaints of the Chaos Meteor and Orbit ball blasters, each of which featured gold-plated detailing much like the golden blasters sent to influencers in October 2019. These will tentatively retail for $25 and $18 exclusively at Target, although no release date has been confirmed at the time of writing.

Buzz Bee’s Toy Fair lineup. Clockwise from top left: Buffdaddy shows off a primed Springfire; a render of the Rebel Mech; comparison of the original blue Long Distance darts (left) with Buzz Bee’s new take (right); and the Battle Blazer with its 12-round chain. (photos courtesy of BlasterHub)

Next up comes Buzz Bee, with a grand total of three new blasters at Toy Fair. Most prominently was the Rebel Mech, a AA-powered full-auto flywheeler with a 30-dart drum, although there wasn’t a sample at Toy Fair itself due to coronavirus concerns, according to BlasterHub. Buzz Bee said that the Rebel Mech will fire 2.5 darts per second and will cost $19.97 with no confirmed release date.

Buzz Bee also featured two pistols: the Battle Blazer and the Springfire. Both are springers, but the Battle Blazer is top-prime and feeds from a 12-round chain, while the Springfire has a pull-back prime like a Nite Finder and a four-shot cylinder that must be manually indexed. Blasterhub noted that the Springfire “has a surprisingly large plunger tube.” These blasters will retail at $9.97 and $4.97 respectively, and will be Walmart-exclusive under the Adventure Force brand.

Packaged with all three of these blasters will be Buzz Bee’s newest take on the Long Distance darts. The heads are heavier than the original Long Distance darts, which BlasterHub believes to be “an improvement” and contribute to increased accuracy over the originals.

D-Dart’s showings at Toy Fair. Clockwise from top left: A Cyclone in packaging with an extra cylinder; Vlad fires the D-Dart Pro; a front view of one of the Hailstorm prototypes, and Vlad tests out the two-shot burst function of the Twin Tornado. (photos courtesy of Bobololo and Vlad the Nerf Neko)

D-Dart was the new kid on the block at Toy Fair with four new takes on the Tempest platform that were originally revealed at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in January. Bobololo and Vlad the Nerf Neko got a close look at all four and what makes each a unique spin on the original Tempest.

Some Tempest reviewers commented on how difficult to reload the original was, which D-Dart aims to fix with the Cyclone. The Cyclone performs the same as the Tempest, but it includes two swappable cylinders for quick reloads.

D-Dart also brought the D-Dart Pro and Twin Tornado to the table. The Pro is a Tempest with a drastically increased rate of fire, and “can dump an entire cylinder in four seconds,” according to Vlad. The Twin Tornado has an extra row of darts above the original one, and can swap between single-fire and a two-shot burst by way of its extra-tall flywheels, according to American Foam.

Finally, D-Dart also showed off early prototypes of the Hailstorm, a Rival-adapted Tempest platform. The Hailstorm prototypes held 72 Rival rounds in about the same space as the other D-Dart offerings, and had very impressive anecdotal performance.

“[It] is a beast of a gauntlet that is shooting these balls incredibly, incredibly hard,” Vlad said. “You can just hear the power.”

That’s all for Toy Fair 2020, with lots of new developments from every corner of the hobby. If you haven’t already checked out our Nerf-brand coverage, we also have an piece covering everything Hasbro brought to Toy Fair (spoiler: it’s a LOT).

Credit: https://www.target.com/p/dart-zone-pro-series-mk1-1/-/A-79495107








Jet Blaster CEDA ‘Model S’ now available

Second generation of Jet’s springer platform promises improved performance

Story by Danny Ryerson

Profile views of the CEDA Model S with a replica C-MORE red dot sight. The S stands for “Sport,” and this second generation of CEDA includes an Alpha RT kit that should achieve 150 FPS, according to Jet Blaster. (photo courtesy of evike.com)

On Feb. 2, Velocity Outdoor and Umarex debuted the Havoc Prime, a reshelled Jet Blaster CEDA with Jet-branded ACC darts. No mention was made of a new edition of the CEDA until Feb. 22, when multiple listings for the CEDA Model S popped up on sites like Evike, boasting of optimized performance of up to 150 FPS. The Model S runs for about $15 more than the original.

Reddit user /u/Skull511 allegedly owns a Model S and said it shoots between 145 and 172 FPS.

“the paint is way better than the original it’s not gloss [sic],” /u/Skull511 wrote in a Reddit comment. “it look really good … I like it a lot.”

The original CEDA was subject to a fair amount of criticism on release. CEDA owner and Reddit user /u/TRexNerf noted on Reddit that the CEDA’s plastic is “creaky,” that Talon adapters don’t fit in the magazine well without modification and that the stock internals are “laughably bad and inefficient.” /u/TRexnerf also said that many who ordered first-generation CEDAs are still waiting for Jet to ship them.

Jet aims to fix many of these issues with the Model S. Instead of the Omni RT Retaliator kit that the original CEDA was packaged with, the Model S comes with the Alpha RT kit, which claims 150 FPS performance over the Omni’s 70 FPS. However, this means that the Model S is not compatible with full-length darts.

Jet Blaster has also published images of an “Omega RT” kit and a “CEDA Xtreme” on their website, although neither have been released at the time of writing.

Community Spotlight

$1,000 ‘Tempest’ HPA blaster released

/u/Ansuzalgiz’s Tempest. The Tempest is a bottle-on HPA blaster with a $1,000 price tag. (photo courtesy of /u/Ansuzalgiz)

/u/Ansuzalgiz of /r/Nerf has just released a new 3D-printed High Pressure Air (HPA) blaster called the Tempest. The Tempest is a semi-automatic dart blaster designed to use the SUPER cores by Spectre’s Nerf Workshop, is compatible with Talon magazines and fires Worker gen 3 darts. This blaster is a performance piece, and its price tag of $1,000 USD reflects that.

The general stats for this blaster while firing are 200 FPS at 50 PSI. The built-in adjustable Wolverine Storm regulator holds a bottle on the blaster as a stock, so you don’t have to worry about a remote line and bottle getting in the way. 

The operating pressure is adjustable from 40 to 140 PSI. With your regulator at 40 PSI, Ansizalgiz believes you should be able to fire about 200 rounds from a full tank, but you will start destroying darts if you increase the pressure beyond 100 PSI. 

The blaster is just over three feet long with a 14-inch length of pull. All the internals are machined metal, and the barrel is a 300-millimeter hybrid aluminum brass barrel made by Spectre. The entire set of internals can be accessed with the removal of a pin. 

The blaster’s files have been posted on Ansuzalgiz’s Thingiverse page for free use, but that won’t cover the costs of its HPA internals. Anzuzalgiz is also selling fully assembled blasters on Etsy for $1,000 apiece.

Credit: https://old.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/f5rza8/tempest_new_3d_printed_blaster_release/ 

Northeast Designs ‘Neutrino’ promises ultra-compact blasting

Venturi, Chimera creator enters flywheel world with tiny blaster

A render of Northeast Designs’s Neutrino. The Neutrino is intended to be a super-compact flywheel solution with the same power as a full-size blaster. (photo courtesy of Northeast Designs)

On Feb. 19, Northeast Designs announced the release of the Neutrino, his first electronic blaster. The Neutrino is designed to be as small as possible; with a Hurricane cage and wheels, grip-fed Talon magazines and a semi-automatic FTW Hyperdrive solenoid. It’s not fully released yet, but Northeast estimates that a full blaster will cost under $200.

The blaster is designed to use either a single- or two-stage cage, hitting around 120 FPS on single-stage and 160s on a double-stage setup. Northeast Designs tested the blaster with a 3s LiPo and Kraken motors, and while prototypes had “some inconsistencies,” those have been smoothed out for the release version.

Included in the Neutrino design are a few unique decisions. The blaster is held together by a pair of aluminium body panels, making it one of Northeast’s “most solid blasters.” Additionally, despite having a two-stage trigger system, the Neutrino’s trigger extends downward to simulate a rev trigger for those who would prefer it.

The internals of the Neutrino. Visible are the motors, the two-stage cage, battery connector and much of the blaster’s wiring. (photo courtesy of Northeast Designs)

Northeast has also designed a “rifled” barrel for the Neutrino that supposedly increases accuracy, although he states that this is

“anecdotal evidence.” Finally, all of the blaster’s electronics are wired through MOSFETs to take up as little space as possible, although there is room for upgrades.

“All that’s stopping this thing from being full auto is an additional Narfduino,” Northeast wrote in a Facebook comment.

The first wave of Neutrinos will be sold as fully printed kits, but without wheels, the solenoid or motors. Wiring, switches and other miscellaneous electronic components will be included, and for an additional fee, Northeast also plans to sell pre-assembled wiring looms for easy installation.

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