Digest Issue 13

Our Apologies

Let us start out by saying how truly sorry we are to our readership for the lack of a recent issue. We here at This Week in Nerf Digest had the materials all prepared for Issue 13, to be posted on June the Fifteenth, but somehow this issue slipped through the cracks. We shall endeavor in the future to not allow this to happen again.



Fortnite BASR-L

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The Nerf Fortnite “sniper rifle” in box

Nerf Taiwan got the first look at the Nerf Fortnite BASR-L, or Bolt Action Sniper Rifle – Legendary, and since then quite a few Nerfers, such as Brad from American Foam and Walcom S7, have gotten their hands on this new blaster. The BASR-L is comparable to the L96 or AWP sniper rifle, and is a single shot bolt action primary. Oddly enough, this blaster also has slamfire.

As seen in videos the BASR is comparable in size to the fan favorite Nerf Longstrike, but also bears similarities to the Accustrike AlphaHawk, such as snap in “bolts” to operate the blaster. The instructions say that the bolt cannot be removed after it is clipped in, however we are uncertain as to whether it is just difficult or actually permanent. The stock would also be a struggle to remove without modification.

The BASR-L follows the Fortnite motif of being large and cartoony. This is part of the safety standard to keep toy blasters from looking like actual firearms. The blaster will be released in the Fall for the US, November 30th according to Amazon.com and the price will be approximately $40 USD.

Greehas Gear

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The Nerf Rival Kronos with a full kit of Greehas Gear by SilverFox Industries

Popular Nerf creator Greehas has been on hiatus for quite some time, but people still want the bits that Greehas created for the Kronos. Good news if you are one of those people, Silverfox Industries has recently partnered with Greehas. This will allow Silverfox to license the designs and print the Kronos parts for sale. So far they have made a top priming grip, this grip slides onto the top rail and allows for easier priming with an upgraded spring and will be sold for $15 USD. Next on the list is a Loading door with a hole printed into it, to take out a step of loading your Kronos, this product is another favorite and is currently being sold for $5 USD.

If you desire actual picatinny rail for your blaster, $22 USD will get you a underbarrel picatinny which installs without modifications needed, this is a great way to add a flashlight, laser sight, or other tacticool attachments. Or for Two dollars less, at only $40 USD you can get all the attachments, and have yourself an awesome Kronos. Silverfox Industries has great 3D print quality, and wonderful customer service, if you’re in the market for aftermarket accessories, Silverfox comes highly recommended.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Trio Revealed

Story by Danny Ryerson

The New Elite 2.0 Trio in box

On June 10, two images of the unreleased Nerf Elite 2.0 Trio TD-3 hit social media across the hobby. The Trio is a three-shot smart AR pistol primed from the handle, much like its predecessor, the N-strike Elite Triad. However, the Trio features three barrels stacked atop each other, unlike the Triad’s triangular setup, and has a top-mounted tactical rail.

The Trio leak has revealed a previously unknown bonus of Elite 2.0 blasters: double the darts. In line with Alpha Strike and many second-party offerings, Elite 2.0 releases will come with enough darts to load the blaster twice. The Trio includes six darts, three of which have an inverted color scheme from classic Elite darts.

Aesthetically, the Trio is similar in appearance to the already-leaked Commander RC-6, with similar heat shield grating over the barrels, teal plastic and sparse paint. It also appears to be in line with Elite 2.0’s focus on modularity with a tactical rail and sling mount. 

At the time of writing, the Trio’s MSRP will be around $9.99, according to earlier leaks, although no release date has yet been revealed.

Meaker Arms releases full-auto MkP-1 5

Story by Danny Ryerson

A prototype MkP-15. The exposed wiring can be held inside the shell. (photo courtesy of Meaker VI)

/u/MeakerVI released the files for his newest blaster, the MkP-15, on June 11 to his Etsy store. The MkP-15 is a full-auto half dart flywheeler that feeds from a Talon magazine inside the grip. Files can be purchased from Meaker’s Etsy for $16.00.

The MkP-15 uses a two-stage trigger and yellow gearbox motor to facilitate a smooth pull with little mechanical action. On the stock gearbox and motor, Meaker reports that users should expect a rate of fire between four and six darts per second.

Unlike many compact half dart flywheelers, the MkP-15 features a flywheel cage designed for full-size wheels, not a Hurricane or FTW cage. The MkP-15 files offer a choice between a 43.5 mm and 41.5 mm cage, both of which will take standard 130-size motors.

According to Meaker, the MkP-15 began its life as a joke between himself and MisterHeathpants, of Magpie and Dessert Pigeon fame. Meaker expressed a desire to build his own variant of the MHP-15, so Heath sent him the files, but Meaker’s design ended up entirely different.

“There isn’t a single MHP-15 part left in the design,” Meaker said.

Dart Zone previews side-firing blaster

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Promotional image of the Dart Zone Corner Fire

In the Hollywood blockbuster “Wanted,” two rival assassins engage in a gun battle in the middle of a pharmacy. According to the lore of the movie, these highly trained people do not miss, and can even curve bullets in an arc instead of a straight line; so to present less of a target, one of the assassins puts their pistol into a device with a small screen and camera that allows them to bend the gun around the side of a shelf where they are taking cover and “see” around the corner. This technology would, of course, be asininely expensive, were it to apply to a foam dart blaster.

However, the newly-announced Dart Zone Cornerfire provides a similar function in a much lower-tech housing.

The Cornerfire is similar to the Nerf Rebelle Cornersight in that it has a pivot point in the middle of the blaster and an angled mirror system that allows the user to see around corners. Instead of bending only to the right side, however, the Dart Zone Cornerfire can bend in either direction and uses a rotating mirror located in the scope as a sort of periscopic function to allow you to stick just the front end of this motorized ten-shot blaster around a corner and fire. An iron sight on the front of the barrel provides an additional point of contact for precise aim.

According to Dart Zone, the Cornerfire will be on Target shelves by Aug. 1 and will include 10 of their waffle head darts.

Rival Shotgun Drawing

Patent image of the Ultra Edge Saturn courtesy of tmdn.org

In this week in Nerf Episode 73, and in the newsroom for the Digest there was much speculation as to what this patent dive blaster actually was. It has since been learned that this is the Rival Edge Series Jupiter. For more information see Foam Blast’s YouTube channel, episode 76, or this Digest issue 15 and 16.




Community Spotlight

An AMA with Out of Darts’ Luke Goodman

/r/Nerf hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) question-and-answer session with Luke Goodman, a.k.a. Out of Darts, on June 10. We’ve taken the time to select what we think are some of the best questions and answers from this AMA and to highlight a few upcoming Out of Darts releases that have only been hinted at so far.

/u/Bobololo asked: “Any tips for the aspiring 3d printer and part maker?”

OOD: “If you’re going to sell something, realize your #1 job is customer service. Be prepared to be humble and be humbled, and most importantly be kind.”

/u/horusrogue asked: “Which video game from your childhood/youth would you recommend we all try once? Was there a specific title or franchise which has inspired your designs?”

OOD: “My high school and college days were filled with halo. In college I had six roommates, 4 TVs and 4 xbox machines. We had a crossover ethernet box to run them all on a local network (this was before any online xbox play existed). We used to get 40+ people show up to play the 16 controller spots. It was epic. Halo is definitely an inspiration as far as blasters go.”

/u/minor_bun_engine asked: “Can you give us a teaser on any interesting new products being developed?”

OOD: “Proton pack first units will ship in July. 4-6 new PCB components/kits coming this year. Mt. Olympus (think wearable/mountable Jupiter) coming this fall. A ‘little’ surprise from Tarik (our biggest designer) in mid summer.”

/u/BolaSquirrel asked: “With you being probably one of the best nerf hobby to job success stories out there, how profitable is running a shop like yours full time?”

OOD: “It’s been extremely challenging and a big grind. There have been dozens if not hundreds of days of cranking out packages, bagging parts and doing a lot of mundane tasks to keep things going. Last year marked the first time I was confident this would be a full-time living, and that the business would stay consistent enough to be profitable. It’s still lightyears from being a business that I can step away from for more than a few days, but we’ll get there eventually.”

/u/SirScorp asked: “Did you ever regret taking Dartblasting from Hobby to Job?”

OOD: “Never. While this business is a tremendous amount of work, I still LOVE this hobby and I still get excited for every game day. This year was tough, having all five of my large events cancelled. Next year! … I’m incredibly grateful every single day to be doing this as my full-time career. It’s challenging, fulfilling and rewarding on so many levels. I couldn’t do this without all of your support in growing this wonderful foam-flinging hobby.”

Mod of the Week: Destiny 2 Crimson

Story by Korit’al Desalia

This week’s Mod of the Week is the Destiny 2 Crimson, made by Reddit user /u/Griever2112. This mod is gorgeous; it is a stock hammershot. This is just a cosmetic mod, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. He took and sanded everything down by hand — it took him two days to get everything sanded down as smooth as he did. 

u/Griever2112 did a base coat of white vinyl, then taped it off and used Duplicolor gunmetal and cardinal red for the accents. For the trigger and hammer, he coated them in a grey vinyl dye to help keep the color from wearing off with use, as most paints will do. 

This is one of the cleanest paint jobs I have ever seen, and it is beautiful. Before painting the blaster, Griever used his dremel to drill some divots in the side and top of the blaster for some spikes that he bought off Amazon, the links for those are in the build guide. The blade is from Worker and is 3D printed, so it is cosmetic only, but it sure does make this blaster look good. 

I know I keep saying this, but this is such a good blaster; I would love to be able to paint my own blasters this well. I can only hope to learn well enough to get this good one day. Awesome job on this blaster, Griever!

Featured Mod: Hawki wakes the Hive with “Ill Fathom” Sledgefire

Meticulously detailed, Destiny-inspired blaster is skeletally gorgeous.

Reddit user /u/Hawki007 posted this beautiful Sledgefire build on June 11 as part of /r/Nerf’s Quarantine Contest. Inspired by a skin for Destiny’s Thorn hand cannon, Ill Fathom is made with zero 3D printed parts; it’s entirely hand-crafted.

The eye is almost immediately drawn to the fluorescent blue grip and shell detailing. According to Hawki, these parts are cast resin mixed with glow powder to achieve stunning blue accents.

The rest of the blaster’s bodywork is done in “95% ABS” with zero epoxy putty, zero glue and only a small amount of Devcon. Ill Fathom’s bony shell is superbly detailed and makes a clean contrast to the blue resin used elsewhere on the body.

Getting organic color and texture out of non-organic materials is so exceptionally hard, but you’ve presented such a masterful version of it,” wrote /u/LandgraveCustoms, a former /r/Nerf moderator.

Function-wise, the blaster has a machined aluminum plunger tube, a stronger spring and a singled barrel for consistent performance. It also features a pair of Fidlock fasteners on one side for quick storage with a HOLDster or Lotus System holster.

“She hits 150 FPS on the nose for our local wars,” Hawki wrote. “[I] could not be more pleased.”

Featured Mod: “Caliminium” Sleek aluminum Caliburn with almost no printed parts

Caliburn Facebook group user Guo Wei showed off a unique build on June 12: The Caliminium, a Caliburn that eschews printed construction for rock-solid aluminum, stainless steel and acetal parts.

The only printed part that remains of the original Caliburn is a small section of rail at the back of the blaster. Every single other part is molded or machined to suit the blaster. Wei wrote that the Caliminium began its life as a Worker injection-molded “Holy Sword” magwell, and that the rest of the blaster was build around it.

Among the Caliminium’s unique features is a Merlynn barrel; a custom-made rifled barrel that, unlike the more common SCAR barrels used by many hobbyists, does not require strings to achieve a rifling effect. Merlynn barrels are much closer to real-steel rifled barrels in that the rifling is etched into the barrel itself and are about as complex to make.

“[I drew] and mark[ed] out cuts on a barrel then slowly dremel[ed] my way through [sic],” Wei wrote. “This cut took me about 2 hours.”

Wei needed to make a number of adjustments to the Caliburn design to get the Caliminium to function correctly. The sear catch and trigger each now have their own springs, the pusher breech no longer has an o-ring and seals into the barrel with a sleeve fit and both the blaster’s pump grip and handle can be torn down easily.

The finished product comes in at 2.0 kg (about 4.4 lbs), though Wei estimates that, with a stock, the blaster will weigh closer to 2.3 kg.

When asked for FPS readings, Wei simply wrote that the blaster shoots harder “than u [sic] will need.”

Featured Mod: The “Green as Envy” Mean Green Royal

Story by Korit’al Desalia

The Mean Green Royal, Photo courtesy of Taffi Facebook

Facebook user Taffi from Germany upgraded a rapidstrike and it is lovely. Taffi has replaced the motors with upgraded ones, they have up to 24,000 revolutions. He also mentioned that he added twice as much voltage. It can empty an eighteen count mag in about 3 seconds, and that this blaster is not good for office play but it is good to know what is possible. He then went on to paint this blaster a variegated green with dark green at the barrel to a medium green to bright green in the middle and then back to the medium green at the stock point. He left the triggers orange but the barrel and the jam door and some accents he painted black. Then to add a bit of flair he used gold for some accents, making this look really awesome. If you would like to see some of the other things that he has done take a look at his facebook page.