Digest Issue 04

Marvel Black Widow Movie Toys

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The Black Widow Stinger Strike Gauntlet

In honor of Marvel’s upcoming movie “Black Widow” they have released some new toys, there is a fully opposable Natasha Romanoff action figure, but that’s not what we’re here for.  Also being released is a new Nerf Power Moves blaster, in the form of a Widow Stinger blaster gauntlet.  The operation of the Stinger is interesting, it appears that you prime the dart blaster by pulling back on a T-bar plunger, and fire the blaster by “throwing a punch.”  One has to wonder about this latest line of Power Moves blasters, to me it seems like a bad idea to have a small child throw a punch to fire a blaster.  Images of small children accidentally bashing each other in the face with a plastic gauntlet assault my mind.  What’s even worse, being released alongside the Stinger Strike, is the TaskMaster Stealth Slash sword and shield.  A shield with a hidden pop out plastic dagger, the “sword” is fully removable, and one hopes parents exercise proper parenting skills watching their children with this hard plastic toy. We wouldn’t want anyone losing an eye.



The TaskMaster Sword and Shield

From an adult stand point, much more a comic book fan, these toys look fantastic.  The Black Widow gauntlet blaster would make an excellent hidden shot, for a man or woman, because of the neutral black, red, and electric blue color scheme.  The TaskMaster shield and sword would make an interesting buckler piece, for games that allow the use of shields, but players that prefer to remain unencumbered and move more quickly.  In situations where melee tags are permitted, providing a user exercises caution, or wraps the dagger in foam tape, the hidden feature of the dagger would make for some very interesting stealth tags.


The Action Figure, Stinger Strike, and Taskmaster Shield and Sword will be available this spring, for $30 USD for the Action figure, and $20 USD for the Nerf toys, and will be available at most major retailers.

Credit: https://www.figures.com/2020/01/17/new-hasbro-marvel-black-widow-movie-toys-revealed/

Rebelle Revival

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The Mulan Warrior Bow, a Recolored variant of the Rebelle HeartBreaker

The Nerf Madman known by all as Utter Travesty has done it again, finding new listings for unreleased Nerf Blasters.  A reshell of the Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow was found on a British distribution site www.abgee.co.uk.  Unfortunately, this site does not sell to individual buyers, only to registered businesses.  The bow is currently available to businesses for a fee of 25 British Pounds Sterling.

The interesting thing about this recolor is that it is a Disney Princess Mulan color scheme, to celebrate Disney’s as yet unreleased live action remake. Colored a striking gold, with crimson and cherry red, the Mulan Bow also bares a stunning Asian phoenix motif on the bow arms.  The Blaster includes an ammo holder that holds five darts, and with one in the barrel, a consumer would imagine that Hasbro has included only six darts. However the Mulan Bow Blaster comes with an astonishing eight cherry red elite darts with gold tips.

Of course the real questions are, with Disney buying up so much real estate in the Nerf world does this mean we will see the figurative resurrection of the much lamented Rebelle series?  Will there be more Disney Princess blasters?  Did the internals go through any sort of upgrade?  Of course, one also wonders why they didn’t release a new foam sword for Mulan, and a bow for Merida, if more princess blasters were on the way.  We will keep you posted with as up to date information as possible, as it becomes available.

Credit: https://www.abgee.co.uk/disney-princess-mulan-warrior-bow.html

HOLDster Rides Again: Lotus System Quick Look

Story by Danny Ryerson

Drac reviews the Lotus System. The system works by attaching a magnetic bar to a blaster (in this case, Drac’s FDL-3) and slotting it into a magnetic plate mounted to the user’s body, often on a drop leg holster. (image credit: LordDraconical)

When CAMster’s Blasters shut down his Etsy store, it was a sad day for the hobby indeed. CAMster was the brains behind the HOLDster system, an innovative magnetic holster that could be adapted to nearly any blaster. HOLDster gave the option to snap a Kronos onto the side of your leg like you’re Master Chief — no fiddling with straps or velcro.

Captain Xavier reviews Lotus. From left to right: SERPA-compatible plate mount, magnetic sling mount, magnetic plate and bar, magnetic plate and bar mounted to drop leg holster. (image credit: Captain Xavier)

However, HOLDster has been reborn as the Lotus System. After debuting at Ragnarocktoberfest and as detailed by Drac and Captain Xavier, the idea behind Lotus is to take the HOLDster concept to the extreme. In addition to the drop leg pistol holster pioneered by HOLDster, Lotus offers a range of magnetic mounts, plates, bars, and sling points that can be mixed and matched to holster nearly any blaster.

The system uses 3D-printed housings for Fidlock snap fasteners to create a sturdy, reliable holster that won’t drop your blasters when you need them most. Simply slot the male end of the fastener into the female end to holster your blaster. Drac tested the original HOLDster system quite vigorously, and it held up despite its non-traditional design.

Left: Sgt. Armor’s “holdvest.” Both the front and back are covered in female fastener points, which allow the unconventional holstering of large blasters (right). (image credit: Armored Nerf/Sgt. Armor)

With CAMster’s blessing, Lotus is the brainchild of Duke of Foam and Sgt. Armor, the latter of Captain Xavier’s crew. Armor even adapted the Fidlock fasteners into a “holdvest” covered in fastener points that’s capable of comfortably holstering a blaster as big as a Caliburn. These vests were offered on the Lotus Etsy page, but are unfortunately no longer being sold.

The security and sci-fi cool factor that Lotus provides isn’t without a cost, however. For a drop leg holster, bar and plate setup, MagAtTac asks $85 for all three pieces. Is it worth the cost? Lotus’s customers think so, with one user writing that it “works magnificently.” For the reliability that Lotus reportedly gives, we’d be hard pressed to disagree.


Stock Blaster of the Week

Story by Korit’al Desalia

Welcome to Stock Blaster of the Week, my name is Korit’al and I will be your hostess. One of my favorite blasters is the Zombie Strike HammerShot, and that’s why I picked it.

The HammerShot was first released in August of 2013, and came packaged with five “zombie green” N-Strike Elite Zombie Strike darts, but it will fire all darts that are comparable to the Elite dart length. This blaster was one of the first blasters to have a “hammer” style prime action, and led to the release of several of the Doomlands Blasters, which are also hammer action. The single-handed ease in which this blaster operates is just lovely, making it very easy to dual-wield. While being slightly beefier than its sister blaster, the Rebelle Sweet Revenge, I love the sharp angles and contrasts that make up the shell. 

The HammerShot was the first blaster with a wood grain style handle, and I find it very aesthetically pleasing. The wood grain look of the handles seems to only be found on the Zombie Strike blaster line, such as the Slingfire, and certain competitor brands, like the Buzz Bee Bug Attack. The handle also features a faux cloth wrap which sits well in the hand, and I think that the HammerShot has one of the most comfortable grips out there. The trigger is probably the biggest downside to this blaster, as it is one of the most sensitive stock triggers making it easy to misfire darts. However that is easily fixed by the fact that it is so easy to front reload.

The HammerShot is a great sidearm blaster and is easy to holster, with it’s smooth and narrow design. There are a number of pre-made holsters and it is simple enough to make your own. My husband made me a pair of holsters out of an old pair of my boots, and they worked out great. This blaster is very light weight, compared to most blasters, enabling the user to move and shoot quickly. There is a lot of controversy centered around the HammerShot, about half of Nerfers hate them, and while I can understand why they don’t like them, I do. That is the great thing about our hobby though, you can like what you like, and there’s really no reason to send other people threats because they don’t like what you do.

There are so many ways to modify the HammerShot, from upgrading the cylinder, to replacing the stock trigger and hammer. One of the largest availble cylinders that works properly is a 7 dart upgrade, the metal Orange Mod Works brand seems to be the most popular. The hammer and trigger can be modded to a longer hammer made from metal, making it stronger to resist the pressure of a higher tension spring. Several spring upgrades exist for the HammerShot, the heaviest being a 10 kg spring, anything bigger will destroy the plastic of the blaster. There are also a lot of 3D printed add-on’s such as barrel extensions with rails. Then there are the paint jobs and cosmetic mods to look like everything from game designs to steam punk with glowing attachments and hoses and gears, and the way that people can use LCD lights is impressive. I like the look and feel of the stock HammerShot, though I am thinking about keeping a set of both modded and stock.

Credit: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/nerf/images/6/61/Hammershot.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190505211522

Nerf Leaks

Story by Alpha

G’day everyone, I’m Alpha, and this is a leak.

Today we have a new pack of Fortnite blasters found by UtterTravesty.  They appear to be jolt reskins… A pack of six to be precise, three of each type.  UtterTravesty speculates that these blasters could be the Peely, the Rainbow Smash, and a third unnamed blaster.  I still don’t understand as to why Hasbro keeps making them, but it seems that the collectors among us like them.  That’s all for now.

Alpha ab initio usque ad finem, “from the beginning to the end”

Credit: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/fortnite-microshots-nerf-blasters-wave-3-set/hse6741cc  https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/fortnite-microshots-nerf-blasters-wave-3-case/hse6741c

Ultra 4 Correction

Story by Lanyx Desalia

In a recent issue of both This Week in Nerf, and This Week in Nerf Digest, we speculated that the Ultra 4 blaster was a single shot, side breach loading blaster.  We must retract our previous statement.  The Nerf Ultra 4 is, in fact, a rear prime, front loading blaster.  One interesting thing, as seen in a video released by popular Nerf YouTuber LordDraconical, the prime pull retracts itself on priming, instead of staying stuck out full length.  Of course the range claims for the Ultra 4 were entirely egregious.  For what amounts to a Ultra NiteFinder, the blaster is actually surprisingly large.

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sby4jQ6by3s&t=21s

Ultra 5 Confirmation

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Spamman4587 on Instagram found this new picture of the Nerf Ultra 5, and from other sources we can confirm this blaster is definitely an internal magazine blaster, much like the MEGA Magnus, or the GlowStrike Han Solo blaster.  Many people really seem to dislike the knuckleduster hand guard on this blaster, mostly for the way it splits the fingers, not for a general dislike of knuckledusters.  The 5 seems to be larger in the hand that we had first guessed, and it does have a capacity of four Ultra darts.  This is better than we had guessed, yet worse than we hoped.

In the better lighting of this picture, the knuckle guard color does look slightly better, but only slightly.  It really wouldn’t have taken much to coat these “off yellow” parts on any of the Ultra blasters in the same “foil” material they used to make the Ultra logo shiny gold.

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/erkar2/no_frills_just_unrefined_beauty_proud_to_present/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Editorial: Spring is Near – This War Season, Be Nice

Story by Ryleh_Yacht_Club

Spring is near. The sun will thaw the soil and call forth the flowers into bloom—which will promptly have their petaled heads broken off by a half-dart. If you are a Nerfer mid-war, then that’s just another charming snapshot you’ll cherish in your memory. If you are literally anybody else, though, you will probably be irritated or—at least—confused. Yes, war season is on the horizon and that merits reviewing the ethos of using public spaces.

This conversation isn’t new. The Nerf sport has always had an issue with public perception. In 2001, Spoon (one the three originators of the Nerf Internet Community or NIC) wrote that the Nerf sport was dying—in part—because “…the average Nerf war consists largely of teenagers, dressed in either black or camouflage, running around with highly modified (and very powerful) ‘guns’, shooting each other while cursing loudly, and basically taking over parks and unintentionally terrorizing people.” Spoon was wrong about the community dying—clearly—but he was spot-on with the way a few bad games or bad players can start to sour the community on anything Nerf. The bigger games know this and that’s why they put as much work as they can in enforcing Feet Per Second, or FPS, caps, dart sweeps, and just basic decorum. After all, groups like the South Eastern Nerf Club (also known as the SENC) have been putting on games in the same parks for years, so bad impressions as Spoon describes are not inevitable or even improbable to achieve.

However, bad impressions are not a thing of the past either. There are few recent examples I could pick, but the one that stood out in the past year was Minnesota police issuing a warning about Nerf wars (full story here: https://www.kare11.com/article/news/police-warn-of-nerf-wars-starting-up-again/89-8ead6169-930a-47a4-aed1-672ccded4f19). The article plays the old journalist game of associating a common injury of youth—in this case, reckless driving—with one youth activity—in this case, Nerf. Ignore that hyperbole for a moment. The article’s most concerning passages are about trespassing, littering, and general hell-raising in the name of a Nerf game. The issue isn’t that those things are illegal or break social norms—though that shouldn’t be overlooked. The issue is how we view other people and their daily activities. Everyone wants to enjoy parks in their own way.  Be aware of how you tread upon someone else’s day.

In a word, the point isn’t to follow the rules. It’s about empathy and kindness. Focus on what you’d want from a neighbour rather than meticulously follow a list of decorum rules in a park. Remember there are people walking their dogs or playing Frisbee with their kid. These people are not fundamentally opposed to us playing Nerf until its fundamentally opposed to them enjoying their time in the park. The gardener doesn’t mind us having fun until we’re trampling her flower bed. Be a good neighbour this war season.

Community Spotlight

Mod of the Week – Lawbringer Integration
Story by Lanyx Desalia

Kayakasaurus on Reddit r/Nerf has provided this week’s Mod of the Week with this Lawbringer integration.  Now, as the Lawbringer is my favorite blaster, I’m extremely critical of modifications of them.  However, what I am referring to as a the “Lawbringer Handcannon” is an exemplary specimen of a mod done right.  Kayakasaurus goes to great length in his modification video to show every step he took in combining a Lawbringer with a Lazer Tag blaster and the armor shroud from a Firefly Rev-8.  Aside from possibly choosing a slightly stronger fixture material than hot glue, I can’t honestly say he did anything wrong.

Every line and attachment point is clean.  The paint is well done, and manages to be colorful, without being busy or ostentatious.  The barrel of the Lazer Tag blaster looks spectacular and menacing.  All this, while still maintaining an orange tip for safety.  In a nutshell, Hasbro needs to pay attention, this is how a blaster should look.  Well done, Kayakasaurus, I didn’t know anyone could make me love my favorite blaster more.

Credit: https://youtu.be/bNrjupJgOh0 


Featured Mod – Glow in the Dark Caliburn

Story by Ryleh_Yacht_Club

The Caliburn is the gift that keeps on giving. This week it demonstrated it’s continued inspiration for the community in a post by u/Stellutoj on r/Nerf Reddit. This iteration of the Caliburn utilizes Captain Slug’s Caliburn 1000—a variant Slug made for charity that has slots for lights. It is strung with UV LED lightstrip and built from glow-in-the-dark filament. The result is beautiful lines and an ethereal glow. Of course, being a caliburn, it’s more than a pretty face. It packs a K26 and is kitted out with all the metal options. Powerful, durable, and beautiful like a Valkyrie cutting through the curtain of night to destroy zombies! Or whomever should cross her…


Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/ercnc0/glow_in_the_dark_uv_leds_caliburn/

Featured Mod – The Retalecy

Story by Korit’al Desalia

This blaster was made by Reddit r/Nerf user u/chills32, he named it Retalecy. He intergrated a white Retliator body with blue Retaliator prime slide and N-Strike barrel. This blaster is super colorful, useing no extra paint, it has white, three diffrent shades of blue including an opace stock, yellow and orange trim. Chills32 has said that he wanted this blaster be as “sleeper” as possible, for those of you who don’t know that means a blaster is moded on the inside but looks compleatly stock on the outside. He has moded the blaster with all metal inernals. He then put a half dart converson kit in it. Chills32 has used a Worker mod m7a1 pdw 5 position collapsible stock, in blue. He then sealed the breach with a brass tube. Chills32 has used full metal brass on longshots in the past and was intriigued at the idea of metal sealed breech kits. He 3D printed the pump grip himself and has the files on thingiverse.com, files are in the commens of the original post. He also reduced the precompresson on the 25N prime spring with a 3D printed extender to ease the prime and reduce the FPS from over 200 to the 180’s.

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/escdym/retalecy_xpt_success_all_metal_internals_reduced/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Featured Mod – Cain

Story by Korit’al Desalia

Reddit r/Nerf user u/gro330 has remade his assassins blaster, named Cain. Assassins is game that is also known as hitman, the point of the game is to be the last person standing. Each person receives a target, they need to “assassanite” said target, before you get eleminated. He has taken a Rebelle Sweet Destiny popped a seven kilogram spring in it and gave it an awesome pant job. He painted this blaster a metalic sparkly blue with purple tints. The cyllinder is painted a metalic urple, and the handle is a metalic black. gro330 has been seen to say that he plans to make a twin to this one in reverse colors.

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/erkar2/no_frills_just_unrefined_beauty_proud_to_present/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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