Digest Issue 03

The Mystery of the Tracer Blaster

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Found only on pre-order from Amazon.com, the Overwatch Rival Tracer blaster is somewhat of an enigma.  We can not find a distributor anywhere else on the internet at the moment from any of the other big box providers.  Even GameStop appears to only have a “replica blaster,” and not the Nerf Rival version.  However the Amazon listing appears to be entirely legitimate.  A confusing part of the item description is the wording “Spinning Reload Action.”  This is in reference to a dial on either side of the blaster, which pops out, and makes a quarter turn during the reload process.  The spinning dial appears to turn the quarter turn back when the prime is finished.

Just like the Overwatch D.Va blaster, the Tracer blaster is a modified Kronos, featuring an internal magazine for three Nerf High Impact Rounds.  Just like many Nerf Rival pistols it claims an average of 90 fps, and only comes with enough rounds to top off the blaster once.  As a licensed series blaster it costs more than one would typically pay for a three round blaster, but for cosplay purposes is still a very reasonable $30 USD.  The blaster should be available January 27th.

Credits: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/eozue3/overwatch_tracer_rival_blaster_link_is_live_on/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Custom Shells for Buzz Bee Blasters

Story by Korit’al Desalia

Koenighaus3d on Instagram has just released info about a new 3D printed shell.  This custom made, single shot shell shell is said to work with all major dart brands and can utilize both full and half-length darts. The chamber has been made snug and the air hole enlarged claiming to make them far more accurate than stock shells from Buzz Bee.  These shells are good replacements for “The Walking Dead: Rick’s Shotgun” and other dart blasters that use the same style of shells.  He is selling the shells on his ebay page, 6 for $10.00 USD, plus shipping.




Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7XI3t3lM19/?igshid=1dg59y8sqwjfr


Dart Zone Name Leaks

Story by Lanyx Desalia

We have only two leaks to bring you this week, both from Dart Zone:

  • The Aeon PRO
  • Annihilator

Found using the USPTO Trademark Database both of these blasters seem to mention more usage of “balls for toy projectiles” than darts.  Despite the Aeon PRO having the word “Pro” in the name, it appears to not be a part of the Dart Zone Pro line.  Currently we are unable to speculate on the design, form, or function of these blasters.

Credit: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/ Search Easebon

Rival Magazine?

Story by Lanyx Desalia

From our source “alpaca xj” we have received visual confirmation of the long awaited, and much desired, Rival Magazine.  Apparently, this item will not be released with the Rival Edge Helios.  We first sighted this coveted magazine design about a year ago, on conceptual box art of other Rival Edge blasters.  We would have thought that given the time frame the Rival Magazine would have been available by now, but we are reminded of the Stampede ECS-50.  We waited years for the fifty round drum magazine, which was found on original concept art of the Nerf N-Strike Stampede.  Instead the fifty round drum magazine was later released with the N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50; not to be confused with the earlier N-Strike Titan, which was a missile dart launcher.  As we have also discovered that the Rival Edge Kronos was also scrapped, we hope that the Rival Drum Magazine was just hard to produce and that it will be released later, possibly available as a stand-alone purchase.  However knowing Hasbro it will probably, like the Elite fifty round drum mag before it, be reserved for some crazy expensive Rival release.

Credit: “alpaca xj”

History of Nerf Modding Discord Server – “us Gunnar”

The Ultra Five

Story by Lanyx Desalia

We have recently received images and confirmation of the Ultra Five, and while we can’t show you that picture, we can show you this artist’s rendition.  The Ultra Five is an… interesting blaster, to say the least.  The priming mechanism is very reminiscent of the Nerf MEGA Magnus, and the blaster appears to have a lot of space in front for an internal magazine.  Here’s hoping the marketing for the Ultra Five includes a five dart internal magazine, instead of just a three or four dart mag.

Opinions in the newsroom differ as to whether the featured knuckleduster style hand guard is “interesting” or “terrible.”  Admittedly the guard could be a better color.  The “gold” color of the non-foil parts of the Ultra blaster series don’t really look gold, because simulated gold is not truly a color, but a material.  Why the developers didn’t just use the same type of material as for the gold Ultra logo (on only one side, of course), or add some metallic powder to the plastic, we will never know.

All in all we have to agree that this blaster features none of the amazing ergonomics and design of the Ultra Two, and seems not to be as readily modifiable as the Four.  We have yet to see the Ultra Three (why is the Ultra Three such a secret Hasbro?) and of course, the Ultra one is still garbage.

Credit: https://imgur.com/y2012zz

Stock Blaster of the Week

Story by Alpha

Hello, nerds and enthusiasts one and all.  I am Alpha, this is Stock Blaster of the Week, and you are our readers.  The blaster I have submitted this week is the ever reliable Retaliator.

The reason I have selected said blaster is simple.  It is reliable, good for all situations, and small in size. This package means that it is the perfect stock primary.  If you leave off those useless-till-modded attachments then you have yourself a very viable Close Quarters Battle (or CQB) blaster. 

If you remove the barrel, to reduce barrel drag, it hits pretty hard for a stock blaster.  On top of that the design is simple in nature and easy to use. The included stock, like nearly all included stocks, is a bit on the short side, but is easily one of the most comfortable.  Unlike most included stocks, the Retaliator’s stock is slightly lowered, instead of being inline with the body of the blaster. This means that the line of sight for the barrel is raised to be easier to sight down.

While it cannot compete in terms of rate-of-fire compared to other blasters such as the AlphaTrooper, or HyperFire Elite, when used correctly, you will not need the extra two darts a second that you can get out of them.

The biggest downside that people worry about is the trigger pull.  I’ll admit, it isn’t the cleanest I have ever seen, especially earlier editions.  However as newer ones were released, they have improved upon that issue. It still is not the best trigger pull, but it isn’t the monstrosity that some make it out to be.

After I talked about how good it is stock, you may think I’m done, but no.  Not only is it great stock, but it can easily be modified for any power level.  There are numerous kits that you can buy to aid you.  Best of all, you can fix the trigger, and make it pump action.  Yes, this will take away from its small form factor, but it is an option.

No matter how many blasters I try, I always end up coming back to this blaster, because of its reliability.  Over the years I have learned it’s capabilities so well that I can almost tell where the darts are going to go before I see them flying through the air.  It’s small form factor means that I can keep mobile. This blaster is amazing on so many fronts, and I hope Hasbro keeps making them for many years to come.

That is about all I have to say this week.  I hope to write for this segment again, and until next time, go out and Nerf.  Alpha out.

Ab initio usque ad finem, “From beginning to the end.”

Credit: https://www.amazon.com/NERF-98696-N-Strike-Elite-Retaliator/dp/B0083TXWXC



Ultra Compatible Homemade Darts

Story by Alpha

Wow. Just wow.  Yes, that is my chosen introduction to this article.  I am Alpha, you are the reader, and this is Nerf news.  The Ultra One hasn’t been out that long but already we are starting to see some amazing things being done to it.  This dart is one of those things.  Made by u/Messinger91 on Reddit r/Nerf, they are made of a 5/8″ Foam Backer Rod (FBR) body, which is what they used to make stefan darts out of.  The tip is a solid cast urethane head. He glues these together using Shoe Goo.  Best of all, it costs less than 50 cents a dart, if he can make it cheaper than 50 cents a dart, why can’t Hasbro? 

The performance is right on par with what you would expect from any aftermarket ammo, with a high increase in accuracy.  How does he make them, you might ask?  Well, it’s quite simple really.  He uses a two-part liquid casting material into a 3D-printed two-part mold to make the heads, then uses the FBR mentioned earlier for the body.  Quite a simple, yet fabulous design.  The creator does mention that the darts work perfectly, fired from the Ultra One, after disabling the dart detector.  That’s all for now from me.  Go out and nerf.  Alpha out.

Ab initio usque ad finem, “From beginning to the end.”

Credit: https://imgur.com/a/rUTSmSc#sbKDINH

Editorial: To what end comes the Ultra Series?

Story by Ryleh_Yacht_Club

It is not an interesting or fresh observation that the Ultra series is a cynical move by Hasbro. It has been so thoroughly maligned—in particular the Ultra One—that we are even seeing that inevitable backlash of defenders. I would count Walcom amongst its defenders. He has pointed out that new dart types are neither a new thing in Nerf nor a necessarily bad thing. We’ve had BoomCo. Straws, MEGA Darts, Vortex VTX Discs and numerous other iterations of projectiles. I don’t know that I agree with Walcom in this matter. As a matter of disclosure, my opinion on the series is as bitter as it is unreasonable. I think the dart offers nothing the Elite standard didn’t except a convoluted design that hems you into buying new Hasbro. But I also don’t think my opinion really matters. Neither one of us is right in any verifiable way and this is a hobby of grown ups playing with toys. It’s not the point, anyways.

My purpose for writing this is that Walcom has more of a point than maybe even he recognizes. Hasbro has been making cynical decisions since the beginning of the Nerf line. We, the spoiled modern Nerfer, are blissfully unaware that Nerf blasters used to have no real standard darts. The early nineties blasters had nearly as many dart types as blasters. You had arrows, mini arrows, old school Megas, and so on. Things settled a bit by the late nineties but darts were still an expensive and varied nightmare. It was common practice for most of the mid to late nineties to have to send away by snail mail to get more ammo for your blaster. In fact, a part of the early appeal of the Crossbow was that it would shoot multiple types of ammo—which meant you could make better use of the box of proprietary foam shapes in room. There was no reason for Hasbro to do this other than money. It frustrated early Nerfers in every way.

This is to say nothing of their blaster designs. Stock Nerf blasters were oversized Jolts or worse—often cumbersome, overbuilt, under-performing, and expensive messes. No Nerf blaster line lasted more than a year before being discontinued and being replaced by some new mess of gimmicks. That meant even when they stumbled into something useful, it would be gone before you could even save up and buy it. Hasbro was churning out re-skins for no other purpose than to capitalize on their initial burst of popularity in those years.

Yet, it is exactly these ridiculous decisions that built the modding community. Over at the History of Nerf Modding Discord Server, we have been digging through old records of that era and found a group of kids frustrated by an era of Ultra Ones. They wanted to compete and Nerf was doing everything it could to hobble that. They didn’t pout and kick sand, though. They built a community of people that effectively fixed Hasbro’s mistakes. They turned 15 foot ranges into 100 foot ranges armed only with craft supplies and obsession. They hand-built better darts (such as the famous “Stefan” half-dart made by Stefan Mohr). They re-barreled blasters and created their own dart standard. Heck, when Nerf dragged its feet on making magazines, they just engineered their own out of cardboard and plumbing supplies. The modding community has always been a counterculture response to cynical corporate designs.

In a strange way, the 2010s trend of first party performance blasters disconnected us from our roots. I’m not complaining about that, per se. Rather, I’ll say there’s something invigorating about Hasbro handing us devious garbage like the Ultra Dart. We are modders. The only thing we love more than a challenge is chance to best Hasbro with a glue gun. So, to what end comes the Ultra Series? A shelf full of them at the goodwill that we can hack and mold into the elite standard. Not because we have to—there are clearly better blasters—but just to say, “No, this is how you make blaster, Hasbro.”

Community Spotlight

Welcome to our updated “Featured Mods of the Week” section.  We have chosen to change the name to “Community Spotlight” to reduce redundancy, as well as to properly honor the “Mod of the Week” as chosen by FoamBlast.  If you are not selected as one of our many featured mods, rest assured, this is in no way a disparagement on you, your talent, or your blasters.  We cannot feature every blaster modification we sort through every week, we simply do not have enough time or space to do so, as much as we would love to.  With that purpose in mind, keep trying.  Get out there, create those unique blasters, add your own ideas to things that already exist.  Hopefully you will be featured in a future printing of This Week in Nerf: Digest.  All of you wonderful creators out there across our hobby made this week extremely difficult to select this week’s Featured Mods, and picking our Mod of the Week from the wonderful selection we chose was even harder.  Keep the fire burning artists, you are a large part of what makes this hobby so great.

Mod of the Week: The Demon’s Breath

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Reddit r/Nerf user u/Muncle-mods has created the very epitome of everything most people imagine a blaster should look like.  He calls his gargantuan creation the “Demon’s Breath” and has painted the entire blaster an appropriate red on black, with grey trim. 

The entire production features a Vulcan EBF-25 body, merged with a Firefly Rev-8 stock.  An underbarrel made from the MEGA barrels of an Elite Dual Strike, and the entire thing is powered by the internals from an Elite RapidStrike CS-18.  A unique innovation of this modification is the operation of a dual stage trigger.  A single partial trigger pull operates the RapidStrike, while a full trigger pull fires the Dual Strike.

I personally watched this blaster take form over the course of six days, and I must say this integration is as close to flawless as can be without being designed and machined in a professional design shop.  I was rather surprised to learn that Muncle-mods intends to post the blaster for sale, on the resale site Mercari.  If I had created a blaster this gorgeous, it would quickly become the flagship of my arsenal.

Not only has this submission earned itself a place as the Mod of the Week for FoamBlast, it has also been entered as a contestant for Reddit’s “Prettiest Blaster” Contest.  There are two categories this blaster could net a win in.  The first category would make this entry the new banner for Reddit r/nerfmods, while the second would win it a spot as the r/nerfmods icon.  Good luck to you, Muncle-mods, from all of us here at This Week in Nerf: Digest.

Featured Mod: The Hecs10

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Created by u/Arkashby2017 on Reddit’s r/Nerf, the HECS-10 v2 is a striking integration.  The externals of this blaster combine the heavy sci-fi aesthetics of the HyperFire Elite stock, and the Modulus CS-10 body.  A number of custom parts, LEDs and a gorgeous black on white hexagon paint job finish off the surface. Internally modifications include a 42 mm Morpheus cage, with Kraken motors and Bulldog flywheels.

One of the only things that kept this particular Featured Mod from being the Mod of the Week is the fact that Arkashby has repeated the style of this integration in previous weeks.  He does seem to keep getting better with time, and changing features to improve the overall quality of the integrations.  The creator has stated that he was inspired by the popular game series “Robotech.”

Featured Mod: The Huntsman 50

Story by Korit’al Desalia

Found on Instagram created by user ciddozzo_paintworks the Huntsman 50 is an external repaint modification of the Lanard Huntsman 50 blaster.  The paint features a more realistic black, brown and grey theme.  Remember to use caution if you do not keep an orange safety tip on your modified blasters.  It is unknown whether any internal modifications were made to the blaster.  It seems to still be using the stock magazine and as such is most likely unable to use Elite darts, or anything of comparable length.  All in all this is a pretty recolor for a bolt action rifle style blaster, if you enjoy things like that.

Featured Mod: BOP Rapidstrike Pistol

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Well known Nerf hobbyist Bobololo did a thing in collaboration with Foam Data Services.  That thing is minimizing a Rapidstrike to be smaller than a Stryfe, while maintaining the firepower, and full auto control.  All the power of a full auto, in a compact, sidearm size.  I am typically not a huge fan of minimizations, as a general rule, feeling that to minimize a blaster is to steal its very essence.  However, even I cannot deny that there is a beauty to this modification.  Nor did I realize the surprising amount of additions that go into subtracting parts from a blaster.  The amount of work Bobololo put into the modification of this blaster is truly stunning.  BOP stands for “Battery Over Pistol.”

First removing the stock and barrel, the sanding begins, smoothing out all of the remaining plastic for an astonishing amount of primer, paint, metal flakes for that special sparkle, then more paint and four coats of lacquer applied by possibly the best painter in the hobby, Foam Data Services.  Then the internals are all highly modified, using a astonishingly long list of upgrade parts.  The holes in the blaster from part removal covered tastefully with plates and a 3DPrintedSolid grip heel fleshes out the handle, providing a more comfortable grip.  A custom printed name plate pops and shows everyone just how proud, and rightly so, of his work Bobololo is.

Bobololo states that the camera does not accurately convey the richness of the paint colors.  I, myself, have trouble seeing certain shades of red, but to my eyes the shiny, sparkly crimson red, touched with pink, and the deep royal violet accents create a strikingly beautiful combination.  Thank you Bobololo and Foam Data Services, you convinced even me, a hardcore minimization skeptic, that there is a place in the hobby for all sorts of modifications.  I stared at this blaster for a long time, just trying to absorb the full intensive beauty of it.  Be sure to visit the link to to check out all of the work Bobololo put into this fantastic Featured Mod.

Credit: Demon’s Breath – https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/eo514q/finally_finished_the_internals_on_the_vulcan/ 



HECS-10 V2 – https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/epb5nf/my_hecs10_v2/

Huntsman 50 – https://www.instagram.com/p/B7YRTLloPpn/?igshid=1d3c8z7j9g9kk

Bobololo BOP – https://imgur.com/a/3ccdo

Nerf Comic

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