Digest Issue 02

Nerf Ultra Two Box Art Confirmed

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Ultra Two box art found by reddit r/nerf user u/bensheep

As mentioned in our last issue, the designs of the Nerf Ultra two have been confirmed.  This box art was found on Reddit.com/r/Nerf by user bensheep.  The description has confirmed speculation that the blaster is, in fact, “Fast Back Reloading,” making reloading on the fly quick and simple.  The box has also confirmed the motorized feature of the blaster, using an astonishing six AA batteries (two more than your standard handheld blaster, such as the Stryfe) to operate the flywheels.  The Ultra line continues to make claims of ranges of up to 120 feet, we will see if, unlike the Ultra One, these claims are genuine.

Most of the other information on the box art seems to have more to do with selling the Ultra dart, as opposed to actually marketing the blaster itself.  However the form and fit of this blaster are very clean, many modders will want to get ahold of this blaster just to paint it.  Following the utter disdain of most of the Nerf hobby for the Ultra One, in both form and function, the lines and operation of this blaster do seem far less rushed and more like something users in the hobby would desire.  It has already been confirmed on Walcom S7’s YouTube channel that while the original Ultra darts released with the Ultra One were brittle and snapped easily, the refill pack darts were more resilient.  The price point for the Ultra Two is most likely $24.99 to $29.99 USD, depending on what you believe from multiple leaks.

Until the official release of this blaster we can only speculate at the manner of pusher will be used to push the dart into the flywheels, however we assume it is something very similar to the Worker Hurricane.  The Worker Hurricane uses a lever attached to the trigger to push a dart from the cylinder into the flywheels from behind.  As such, this blaster is very reminiscent of the Hurricane, and it makes one wonder.  While Hasbro discourages the modification of their blasters -you can’t buy a blaster without noticing the bold print on the box, also engraved in the side of each blaster explicitly warning against such modification- it does seem that the developers at Hasbro are keeping an eye on our hobby.  The very form and function of this does seem that Hasbro is providing us with things we desire, based on what other creators in the hobby have already produced.

In all honesty tho, this is what I’ve been talking about when it comes to ULTRA. We have only ever gotten our hands on the first blaster, but everyone is drawing conclusions about the whole line and ammo type.

Our problem lies with what the line represents, and how Hasbro is reacting to the toy blaster market.

I am very optimistic for what is to come out of the ULTRA line. With this blaster showing new and innovative looks and mechanics, a far cry from the unoriginal ONE. We still have 6 more ULTRA blasters yet to come and I only hope they get better as we go, and Hasbro improves the quality control on the darts. There is a place in the hobby for the new ammo type, just like there has been for all other ammo types to come.

Here’s to optimism, and just having plain old fun.

~Quote by UtterTravesty~

Artwork of the Ultra Four

We also have confirmation of the new Ultra Four, and while we can’t show the actual photo, here is an artist’s rendition.  The Ultra Four will be a single shot T-bar pull prime, much like a Nerf FireStrike, a Doomlands 2169 HoldOut, or even, yes, a Jolt (insert gratuitous “everything’s a Jolt” joke here).

Could these new blasters from the Ultra line save the entire series after so much hate has been leveled at the line?  Time will tell.  There is always resistance to something new.  Is there a space in our hobby for this new type of dart?  Some would argue no, but the same could be said of the Mega Line, or the Vortex Line, and yet some of the most beloved blasters come from either of those lines.  Rules abound for games, surrounding the special usage of different types of ammo.  Perhaps instead of slamming an entire new line, and the work of multiple artists, developers and creators, and bearing in mind that the development of the Ultra Line does not seem to be affecting the development of current beloved lines of Nerf (such as ZombieStrike, Mega, Elite, etc.) we can learn to live with another new line of blasters.  We must remember, first and foremost, Hasbro’s Nerf division is a business, and their business is to create, market and sell as many blasters and ammunition, making as money money as possible from such, as they can.

Photo Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/el5xhs/the_ultra_two/


Dart Zone ‘Rival revolver’ releases late Jan.

Story by Danny Ryerson

Packaging for the Dart Zone Storm Squad (left) and Apex (right).

Prime Time Toys revealed the new Dart Zone Apex and Storm Squad earlier this week to select community members. Both have met with general community approval, especially the Apex, which Buffdaddy Nerf called “the Rival revolver we should have had a long time ago,” and both will be on Dollar General shelves by the end of January; the Apex for $10 and the Storm Squad for $5.

While first previewed by LordDraconical in early December, many in the community are only now getting their hands on this pair of Dart Zone pistols. Buffdaddy in particular published a glowing Jan. 12 review of the Apex on Blaster Hub and previewed the two in several Nerfy Discord servers, including /r/Nerf, WalcomS7’s server, and History of Nerf Modding.

The press sheets sent by Prime Time Toys to select Nerfers.

The Apex is a five-shot top-prime revolver pistol about the size of a Disruptor, but it fires Dart Zone ‘Power Strike’ Rival-compatible rounds and boasts drastically improved 93 FPS performance over Dart Zone’s last attempt at a Rival pistol. This might be due to an innovative mechanism that presses the plunger tube against the cylinder upon trigger pull, possibly achieving a better seal, but this remains speculation at the time of writing.

“When it finally shows up at Dollar General later this month, you can’t go wrong by grabbing one off the shelf,” Buffdaddy said.

Comparatively, the Storm Squad cleaves closer to traditional revolver systems. It’s a four-shot top-prime and comes with eight of everyone’s favorite Adventure Force waffle darts, but what makes it interesting is the price tag. $5 for four shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially compared to similar offerings like the Quadrot ($6.99) and Triad ($4.99).

Both blasters will hit Dollar General by the end of January, although both of the above press sheets also put “spring 2020” as a possible release time. However, Buffdaddy confirmed on Discord that the end of January is the blasters’ set-in-stone release date, “just like how [Adventure Force water blasters] are a spring release, but are now appearing.”

Photo Credit: Buffdaddy Nerf

Yet Another Fortnite Recolor

Story by Lanyx Desalia

A new AR on the assembly line

Footage posted on Fuzzy Walrus Industries Discord channel has shown the production line process on a recolor of the Fortnite AR.  So far the AR has had its original yellow or “Legendary” color, the purple or “Epic” recolor, and a White recolor featuring Durr Burger stickers from the in-game restaurant franchise.  Anyone who knows Nerf knows that the most popular, best selling, or most sought after blasters get so many recolors you could almost make a recolor rainbow, and the Fortnite AR is no exception.  The new AR recolor will be light blue, fading to dark transparent blue, fading back to light blue.





Photo Credit: Fuzzy Walrus Industries

Silverfox Industries Angled Perses Grip

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The Nerf Rival Perses is undoubtedly the hottest blaster of 2019.  Featuring a stock capacity of 50 Rival High Impact Rounds, fully automatic fire, and a rechargeable battery pack, many Nerf enthusiasts were more than willing to pay the hefty $100 USD charge for the Perses.  Many more people took advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, and acquired the blaster for much less than the standard MSRP.

Aftermarket customization abounds in the form of Hoppers for insane amounts of upgraded capacity, trigger modifications, battery doors, and of course, custom foregrips from makers all over the world, such as Out of Darts, RAD Blasters, and tons of open software on Thingiverse.  Silverfox Industries is a well known creator in the Nerf space, providing many custom 3D printed parts in high quality prints.

This beautiful foregrip matches the lines of the Perses flawlessly, with a very tight fit, minimizing wobble.  The screws for attaching the product to the blaster are even integrated into the design.  The final version follows the the blaster’s solid line down the grip.  If you are interested in this piece, head on over to silverfoxindustries.shop to purchase it for a very reasonable $20 USD.




Photo Credit: Silverfox Industries

More Name Leaks

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Thanks to UtterTravesty, once again for providing even more leaks.  No pictures were currently available for the leaks, but we will be sure to provide any information as it arises.

The Overwatch Apple Pie, likely yet another Microshot.  We will likely learn the code soon.

The Finisher XX-700, might be the revival of the 7 round magazine, this is the second leak that seems to indicate the 7 round magazine might be making a return.

The Nitro Speedshot, Fans of cars, Hot Wheels, and cats everywhere rejoice at the arrival of another Nerf Nitro product.  Much speculation thought that Hasbro had seen the error of its ways, and the Nitro Line was dead, apparently not.

Finally the Mega Motostryke, possibly a giant Nitro car launcher, maybe another Mega motorized blaster.  If it is a motorized Mega blaster it would be the first one since the Mega Mastodon in 2016.

Nerf Buys BUNKR

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Nerf BUNKR Take Cover Competition Pack

BUNKR Take Cover Caution Crate

Found on UK distributor website wind-designs.com are several new BUNKR products bearing the distinctive Nerf Logo.  The items are all currently listed as out of stock, and no information is available on pricing.  No additional information is available as to the sale of BUNKR, this could be speculation, it could be a simple partnership between BUNKR and Nerf.  If Hasbro did acquire BUNKR we hope the prices will remain reasonable, and not get upcharged just because it bears the Nerf logo.  The BUNKR cover products have never been great for using as cover, and based on the images we found, it doesn’t appear that’s about to change.




Photo Credit: Wind Designs

Blastersmiths UK is moving to Etsy

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Blastersmiths UK Banner

The Development Team at Blastersmiths UK has decided that their original website was too out of date, and have instead opted to bring their products to Etsy.  The decision was made as the tools for selling on Etsy have improved greatly over the course of time.  Another deciding factor was the lack of server hosting fees and Etsy’s brand recognition and buyer support.  At first, following this transition, only a subset of their products will be available, so if you want any of their products from their full stock, make sure you visit Blastersmiths UK’s original site now, here.  After the transition is complete, Blastersmiths UK has promised that commissioning custom gear will still be possible, and even easier than their old website, all you have to do is message them through Etsy.  Their new shop on Etsy, is located here.  If you have any questions you can still check out their post on Reddit r/Nerf.

Photo Credit: Blastersmiths UK

Stock Blaster of the Week

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Welcome to our new segment, Stock Blaster of the Week.  In this particular article we hope to bring attention to some favorite stock blasters, in case you are new to Nerf, or are a long time hobbyist looking for something different, or perhaps a different opinion on things.

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer in box

This week, we are featuring the Lawbringer, from the Nerf Doomlands 2169 Series.  This blaster is my, Lanyx’s, personal favorite blaster.  If you’re looking for a decent stock blaster, this one may just be the one for you. 

The Lawbringer is an excellent primary class blaster, featuring one-handed operation, via a hammer prime.  A twelve round cylinder makes it easy to reload on the fly, and an integrated storage in the stock has room for twelve more darts.  With an oversized barrel diameter to minimize barrel drag, this blaster can easily fire Adventure Force brand Waffle tip darts; arguably the best, most reasonably priced darts in the hobby. 

The grip is comfortable to most hand sizes, though there is a ledge just above the trigger well that might be uncomfortable if you have larger than average hands, and is nothing exceptional or horrible, either way.  The post-apocalyptic carbine rifle styling is interesting and aesthetically pleasing, if you enjoy Steam/Diesel/Future Punk themes.

The Price is reasonable at $24.99 USD.  Target Stores and Amazon.com just re-released the entire Nerf Doomlands series, so pick one up, if this blaster interests you.

Photo Credit: Blasterhub

Featured Mods of the Week

The Wildcat HEIAP mk2

Story by Korit’al Desalia

Reddit r/Nerf user Iron_Gopher gives us “Wildcat.”  To create this awesome blaster Iron_Gopher used the classic Nerf Barricade, integrating the handle of the Nerf SlingFire, and the stock of the Nerf Elite HyperFire.  An X1T deltacade body brings a solid look to the front end, completed by an aftermarket airsoft foregrip, and sights.  Internally a jackrabbit nerf v1.2 42.5mm cage, Out of Darts Valkyrie motors, equipped with Worker smooth wheels brings the power, raising the fps limit to over 150 – averaging around 155 fps with Adventure Force wafflehead darts.

The paint style is based on the Fallout Laser Pistol, however Iron_Gopher has stated he was going for more of a “grenade launcher” overall feel for his blaster.  The paint is crisp and clean, while maintaining that special “The Apocalypse has already happened” aesthetic.  The yellow on the cylinder, is an especially nice touch, and the bluing on the barrel lends a realistic laser blaster effect. 

The stock of this blaster is especially unique, housing not only a LiPo battery for operating the blaster itself, a 9V battery for powering the LED lights, but also a hardware grade level, a unique feature not seen on many blasters.  Utilizing the space originally occupied by the stock battery housing, a forward switch operates the volt meter, which is housed in the original N-Strike stock attachment point.  A rear switch actuates the LED details along the sides of the blaster.  A custom rev trigger, made out of a .45 caliber shell resides just above the foregrip, and is operated by the user’s left hand thumb.

Finishing off the massive amount of detailing on this blaster the shoulder strap is a custom build sourced from goodwill, and hobby store odds and ends. The weathering on the leather belt adds a genuine appearance to the feature and completes the blaster.  It is nice to see that there are no exposed wires and that the battery is actually housed under the battery door. Iron_Gopher asked his wife to help with the lettering on the stock and she did a great job, he had her use a baseball font.  Excellent work Iron_Gopher, you made picking the Mod of the Week an easy job. 

Photo Credit: u/Iron_Gopher Reddit r/Nerf

The Irn Bru

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Rival Knockout mods are extremely popular right now, and that is the basis of this featured mod.  UK resident Monkeytron Collective has decided to base a mod on their favorite drink “Irn Bru.”  For those of you “Yankees” like me, on this side of “pond” that may not know, Irn Bru, or “Iron Brew” is a Scottish carbonated drink, often described as being “Scotland’s other national drink.”  The drink has been around since the late 1800’s and is actually a primary competitor with Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola in Scotland.  It is known to possess a distinctive orange color, unique flavor (orange and fizzy and tastes like liquid bubble gum) and some controversial ingredients.  It can apparently be found many places throughout the world where there is a large concentration of Scottish people. 

On to the Mod itself, amusingly Irn Bru’s colors are already very similar to the standard Nerf Elite blue and orange, with orange being the primary color, and blue being the detail color.  Monkeytron has matched the color scheme of the soft drink can to perfection, even including the logo on the handle.  A brass breech re-barrels the blaster for short dart usage, and interestingly covering the brass tube is a N-Strike barrel attachment point.  If you’re going to do an homage to your favorite drink, you couldn’t do better than Monkeytron Collective.  Just looking at this blaster makes me want to try the mysterious Irn Bru for the first time.

Photo Credit: Reddit r/Nerf u/Monkeytron Collective

The Sunset

Reddit user FeartheGlassThrone has showcased their signature blaster.  The Sunset is a modified Mega Bulldog, re-barreled with a brass breech modular system.  The video is an impressive 3:26 overview/firing demonstration well worth checking out and watching clear through the end.  All custom LED display, including in the vortex scope, is powered by a USB connection.  At one point during the firing demo, the super powerful blaster fires so hard, the USB connector actually unplugs itself. 

The blaster itself uses a 12kg internal spring.  FeartheGlassThrone also developed a number of aftermarket “absolver” style attachments, including one that will fire both single Elite darts, and N-Strike rockets.  The purple paint scheme is very reminiscent of old school Nerf, such as the fan favorite crossbow.

Photo Credit: Reddit r/Nerf u/FeartheGlassThrone

The Lionheart

Our final contender this week comes from Reddit r/Nerf user argokevin, presenting us with a beautiful rendition of Squall Leonhart’s “LionHeart GunBlade.”

This Hammershot modification is still fully functional, sporting a long barrel running the length of the blade.  An Orange Mod Works metal trigger, metal catch, 7 shot barrel, and a 15kg spring to make up for the long barrel, make this a hard blaster to prime, according to argokevin, but a worthy contender for what most people in the hobby would call a “pseudo-primary.”

Also stated by the creator, the blade itself is made of cardboard, so incapable of causing serious injury.  However the lack of resilience of foam will cause the blade to dent, if struck hard enough.  It appears to this reporter that the blade and decoration portions are either wrapped in silver duct tape, or expertly painted.  The Griever symbol hanging from the chain on the end of the hilt is well made and seems professionally done.  This is a mod any fan of the hit game Final Fantasy VII would be proud to call their own.

Photo Credit: Reddit r/Nerf u/argokevin

We apologize for the lack of Nerf Comic this week, until more people are on staff to contribute Comics will likely be an every other week affair.

Thanks to all the people who helped with the publication of this Digest.  A special thanks to all the contributors out there who make our hobby such a special place to exist.

If you want to help in future issues of this digest, contact either Cheesewhiz, Meishel, or Lanyx_Desalia through the Nerf News Channel of the Discord Server “History of Nerf Modding” or via our Contribute page.


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