Digest Issue 01

Patent Plunge Finds New Ultra Concept

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Ultra Concept Image

A new Registered Community Design (RCD), shows the design submission for a new Nerf Ultra blaster on European Union Intellectual Property Office’s  web-site. Why patent a Nerf design, one might ask? Well these design patents protect an inventor’s legal intellectual property, and prevents copying the look and feel. This particular submission was entered on October 9th, of 2019, was registered and fully published on December 18th, of 2019, and will not expire until October 9th, of 2024. According to the design graphics, the blaster appears to be a flywheel revolver, most likely rear loaded, with a six dart ammo capacity.

An angled view of the concept blaster, showing possible flywheel location in front of the trigger

     Also noticeable in the design is a spot just in front of the trigger, where the blaster walls bulge out where the flywheel cage would be. Different angles of the blaster’s design shows what seems to be flywheels from the front view as well. If you are curious as to what the blaster looks like and go to the web-site to check it out, you might wonder what the difference is between the dotted and solid lines. The solid lines are “claimed” and will be permanent in the design of the blaster, while the dotted lines are what could be, or what the designers would like it to be. This means of course that while they seem to have settled on the design of the rear loading, and possibly the pusher function, the rest of this blaster is subject to change over time.
     A small issue with this blaster is that it does seem to have a smaller grip, a small rev trigger and a tiny area for the firing trigger. This seems to be a reoccurring theme among the Ultra line, as many internet reviewers have complained about the size of the trigger area on the Ultra One, claiming there is not enough rough to fully insert a finger to properly actuate the mechanics.
     As to the name of this blaster, we are currently speculating that it is likely the Ultra “Ranger” based on the price point of $30, found on a list of leaked blasters for the Ultra line. “Ranger” does seem to fit the overall Wild West aesthetic of this blaster, however it could be the “Outlaw” as well. Only time will tell, when this product is released. During research, more than twenty designs for the Ultra Dart were found, we have to question how many of these designs were experimenting to find the right shape, and how many were to try to prevent competitors from producing compatible knock-offs.

An image of all the Ultra Dart concepts

The patent owner is Hasbro Inc., and the project designers are listed as Brian Jablonski and Raymond Aaron Mead.

An Image of the Nerf Ultra 2 found by Walcom S7 and posted on Discord

EDIT Shortly after this story was written, we discovered that the blaster in question is neither the Ranger, nor the Bandit, but is in fact the Nerf Ultra 2.  This image was found on Walcom S7’s discord server.  Some speculation was correct, as the blaster is in fact a flywheel rear loading model.  It will take 6 AA batteries to operate.  Walcom was seen to comment “It’s basically a Hurricane that shoots Ultra ammo.”

Credit http://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/007000724-0002 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/479027351951245315/663942192485761025/81882823_511349656398791_6618011202557575168_n.png

Bullpup Talon Claw New from Captain Slug

Story by Korit’al Desalia

The bullpup Talon Claw blaster. designed by Captain Slug

A bullpup blaster is something of a source of contention on the fields of Nerf.  Some people argue that that adding the extra long barrel length, from magazine well to muzzle, just isn’t worth it with the adverse affects of barrel drag.  Others would reply that it is the aesthetic, the style of a bullpup blaster that makes it all worth it.  What ever your opinion there is no denying that bullpup blasters like the Nerf Rayven are some of the most highly sought after blasters in the hobby.

For those of you who are fans of the bullpup design, Captain Slug once again delivers with the talon claw bullpup. This model of the Talon Claw is based on the Version 4 talon claw with TC support. The blaster is 25 inches overall, which is just a few inches shorter than a standard Caliburn. The main grip is 5 inches more forward from the stock than the Caliburn, which would make it rather hard for a shorter person to operate. However, that is a nice change from the standard Nerf brand stocks, which always fall too short. Captain Slug has been converting all of his designs to U channel. The base version looks naked, so it might be a good idea to get some of the shrouds for this blaster. Files and hardware kits are available now, for $64, on his etsy store. Full blasters are available for $160

Credit https://www.facebook.com/groups/Caliburn/permalink/453331658620218/

FoamBlast Tempest Cage

Story by Lanyx Desalia

The D-Dart Tempest

A lot of people in the Nerf community excited when a third party company called D-Dart released the Tempest, back in late 2019.  Running on only 4 AAA batteries, the Tempest provides full auto blasting in a compact one handed frame, something previously unheard of in the Nerf hobby, without modding.  However some YouTube reviewers have noticed that sometimes the stock hardware doesn’t quite work.  The model that Adrianna from FoamBlast got was one of these.

An image of the custom flywheel cage developed by Meishel of FoamBlast

The stock gear box wasn’t strong enough to rotate the cylinder, making it impossible for the blaster to even fire.  So following her success with the Category 5: Hurricane dual stage flywheel cage, Meishel made an upgrade for the Tempest.  Turning the trigger mechanism into a two stage trigger, removing the necessity for a power switch with an upgraded metal gear box.  However, the focus of this story is the custom designed flywheel cage.  The custom designed cage features 42.5 crush worker wheels, and without testing on a chronograph, the ladies of FoamBlast estimate fps ratings of 140-150, depending on dart type.

The design is free to download for personal use only on FoamBlast website under the 3D files section of the site, and also available for purchase from Out of Darts.  It should be noted that if you downloaded the files before This Week in Nerf video went live on January 1st, 2019 Meishel had made a small mistake, but has since corrected it, and you will want to download the updated file. 

Credit http://foamblastshop.com/3d-files/

Nerf Leaks from ACDD

Reddit r/Nerf user u/UtterTravesty has listed an updated version of some of the leaks Adrianna talked about in This Week in Nerf Season 1, Episode 47.  We have no photographs at the time, but will update when more information is available.

The Alpha Strike Uppercut Ast is a blaster that is listed at $2.49.  We can’t imagine Hasbro selling a blaster this cheap, unless it is just another skeletonized Jolt reskin.

The Fortnite Micro RBW Smash, listed at $9.99, a price that is pretty standard for licensed Nerf Jolt reskins.  In Fortnite the Rainbow Smash is a hammer shaped like a unicorn head on a stick, so this blaster will probably be very similar to the Llama Microshot.

The Overwatch Micro Mercy is again $9.99.  We now have a name for the Episode 47 Overwatch leak named “meringue.”  Simple enough, a Nerf Microshot shaped like Mercy’s pistol.

The final Microshot Overwatch blaster, the Episode 47 leak named “Barley” has been revealed to be the Overwatch Micro Ana, also for $9.99

The Greek goddess Athena has finally made an appearance in the Rival line with the new Rival Athena XX 1200, listed at a price of $24.99.  We know that XX means made in the year 2020, and the 1200 means it will have a 12 rival round capacity, this blaster will come in both red and blue, when this product is available.

Finally the Rival Payback XX 700, for $14.99.  A seven shot Rival blaster, does this mean the return of the seven round magazine?  Or this could be a new internal magazine blaster.

Ultra Blasters were also listed in the leaks, but there has been no new information since we covered them in Season 1 Episode 47.  The prices listed were a bit lower than the original list of leaks.  The release date for these blasters is listed as January 1st, probably an unfortunate place holder that someone forgot to update.

Featured Mods of the Week

The Jawbreaker

xpizza_shopx’s Jawbreaker DoubleShot Mod

This Week’s Mod of the Week, as picked by Adrianna is the Jawbreaker by xpizza_shopx.  There were so many excellent choices for Mod of the Week it ended up boiling down to uniqueness. Adrianna almost went with a different choice, but she just kept coming back to the Jawbreaker due to it’s abnormal texture and techniques. This DoubleStrike mod is a great extension of a cute theme.  Close up pictures of the blaster look crunchy and sugary, like a real candy jawbreaker.  Some of the paint is actually from a makeup palette called “jawbreaker,” which is a fantastic use of medium to give the blaster texture, color, and style.  This cute little sidearm looks so sweet our jaws actually hurt just looking at it.

Credit https://www.instagram.com/p/B60942DByNg/

Apocalyptic Postman

Story by Korit’al Desalia

FetteWorst’s Apocalyptic Postman, in the “closed satchel” position

FetteWorst on blasted.de, the site is originally in German, making the translation a little bit wonky; has made an Apocalyptic Postman blaster. He used a Rebel Secret Shot. He got parts and a spring upgrade from blasterparts.com. He also bought some accessories for the belt that he added. The first hard part was sanding the rebel design off the blaster. After finally getting the sanding done, next came the lettering then paint. He started with a silver base and then coated it in yellow. After that he “aged” the blaster by sanding some of the yellow off. The final touch is the custom latch and hinge that FetteWorst designed and made himself. From what I can see FetteWorst spent a lot of time and money on this blaster. I believe that he did a really good job on this blaster and whoever ends up with it will be very happy. This blaster is something I could see myself using, even though it is not my style of blaster.

The Postman in open form

Credit https://blasted.de/threads/wichtel-galerie-2019.7802/page-3#post-190974

Green Tea

Story by Lanyx Desalia

Facebook post of the Green Tea, by Kelly Felder

Another featured mod is this beautiful A.Z.G.T. or Arizona Green Tea, by artist Kelly Felder.  This is a beautiful minimization/paint theme, on a Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster.  Where some people might question the removal of the H.A.M.P. rocket launcher, the result is clean and amazing.  The Arizona Green Tea paint theme looks like it came directly from the company print.  The creator also changed the internals with Kraken motors, a 43 ofp cage, clear flywheels, and a 15 a switch.  While purely speculating, we imagine that the stock is completely custom as well.


Credit https://www.facebook.com/groups/607208676056120/

Comfort, style, power: COBBA’s HKII Firestrike

Story by Danny Ryerson

Reddit Picture of the Firestrike HKII Photo Credit: reddit.com/r/Nerf u/COBBAcrazy

Among modders, there aren’t many with the skill to make the builds that Australian YouTuber COBBAcrazy does. His paint jobs are slick, his integrations are clean and the performance he gets is absolutely top notch. COBBA’s most recent build, a maxed-out Firestrike, is a perfect example of what to expect from him.

Another Picture of the Build reddit.com/r/Nerf u/COBBAcrazy

What he’s done to this blaster is extensive. A totally overhauled plunger system, complete with dead space removal, AR removal, epoxy sealant, an upgraded o-ring and a 7 kg spring; an easy-open brass breech; a BlasterTECH scar barrel; a red dot sight and an integrated Cycloneshock grip make for a comfy-looking sidearm.

The build is based on a few older iterations of COBBA’s Firestrike mods, but this one is special: It’s a Firestrike pushed to its limits (HPA aside, of course) with the metallic blue paint to back it up.

According to COBBA, this Firestrike’s paint job was designed to pair nicely with his HPA Longstrike, 33.B. photo credit: u/COBBAcrazy


“This version has had much more love poured into it than the previous rendition,” COBBA said.

Of note is this Firestrike’s easy-access breech. COBBA’s original builds required the user to pull on the barrel to open the breech, but this one has a polycarbonate flap attached to it that makes for quick reloads.

Personally, I’m a sucker for comfy pistols, but this one really caught my eye for its similarities to the Tech Target Eliminator, the comfiest single-shot blaster of all time. Any modder who can replicate that kind of feel in a blaster is someone worth following.

Credits: https://old.reddit.com/r/Nerf/comments/eit74r/firestike_with_a_handle_that_is_actually_comfy/

Nerf Comic

Sugar Maverick by Taffy


A Special Thanks to Michelle and Adrianna from FoamBlast for allowing me to help them out in this much capacity.  Thanks to all the people who helped contribute to the development of this project.  Thank you to all the wonderful people out there, who create, host events, and develop concepts.

Thank you to all of you who take the time to watch the show, and who take the time to read this.  If you want to help in future issues of this digest, contact either Cheesewhiz, Meishel, or Lanyx_Desalia through the Nerf News Channel of the Discord Server “History of Nerf Modding” or via our Contribute page.


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